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About Bulk Value Ingredients Ltd

Bulk Value Ingredients Ltd (BVI) is a specialist supplier of ingredients solutions to food manufacturers. Our products include herbs, spices, seeds and oleoresins.

For over 9 years BVI have sourced batch selected products from approved, audited global suppliers using our expertise to ensure continuity of supply irrespective of climatic or seasonal factors.

BVI is introducing ORGANIC products under Brand name of Organic Spice Merchants.

Organic Spice Merchants products are USDA Organic approved products.

Our products are COLD Grind processed and Stem Sterilised.



Cold grinding is a new concept in spices processing, which results into higher production with better end product quality aroma and color, than conventional spices grinding unit.

This technology uses cold water supply to control the grinding chamber temperature through a complete stainless steel pipes WEB inside the grinding chamber hence the result of which is reduction in loss of volatile essential oils in the spices and higher production rate.
This spice grinding is relatively very advanced technology and hence there are very few units operating at present.

Manufacturing Process

As indicated previously-
This spices grinding technology is new. This grinding technology reduces the material to particle sizes, which is difficult to attain with ambient temperature grinding in conventional grinding plants. The dry, cold, inert atmosphere, usually generated by circulation of cold water through Stainless steel pipes fitted accordingly in the grinder chamber like a spider WEB thus minimizes thermal reaction with the material and reduces the loss of volatile components from spices during processing.

The advantages offered by this SPICES GRINDING TECHNOLOGY as against CONVENTIONAL SPICES GRINDING technology are as under:

  1. This grinding technology improves the aroma by minimizing the loss of essential oils (approx.3% loss) which is approx 43% in conventional processing.Spices are ground to a thickness of 50 microns.
  2. Spices processed using cold grinding technology for grinding has better natural color, as compared to conventional process, this is very much important for Cumin,Chilly and Turmeric.
  3. Finer particle size can be achieved without aroma loss and natural color change.
  4. Overall grinding capacity can be increased by 2 to 3 times, as process equipment will not have thermal fatigue due to heating up. Fire risks too, are eliminated as temperature during processing is controlled.
  5. This method of grinding enhances unlocking of natural flavors, aid easy dispersion of the same and control flavor strength.


Our aim is to partner with customers, understand their unique requirements. BVI develop innovative supplying of food-ingredient solutions utilising their expertise and advanced procurement capabilities.
BVI invites you to browse our products and contact us for your specific requests or query.

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