Desi Chickpeas: These are split peas and are relatively smaller in size with dark, small seeds and a rough coat. Desi peas are also known as ‘Bengal gram’ or ‘kala chana’. They are mostly cultivated in India, Mexico, Ethiopia and Iran. Desi chickpeas have a remarkably high fiber content and are thus suitable for people suffering from diabetes

Chickpeas are edible legumes belonging to the family of ‘Fabaceae’ with slightly round & irregular shape, and are slightly longer in size than the normal peas. They are also known by the names of ‘garbanzo beans’, and have a nut like taste with a high protein content in them. The plants of the chickpeas grow between 20-25 cm and have feathery leaves on both sides of the stem. The scientific name of chickpeas is ‘Cicer arietinum’, and they are also known as ‘chana’ in Hindi and several other names like ‘Bengal Gram’, ‘Kadaale Kaalu’, ‘Sanaga Pappu’, ‘Shimbra’, etc. Chickpeas can grow well only in sub tropical and tropical climates requiring an annual rainfall of more than 400 mm

Chickpeas are a versatile crop that are grown in almost every part of the globe today. Some of the major producers of desi chickpeas are India, Pakistan, Myanmar, Australia and Bangladesh while the top producers of kabuli chickpeas are Turkey, Iran, Spain, Canada, Syria, USA, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Tunisia, Sudan, Malawi and Portugal. India is the largest producer of chickpeas followed by Pakistan, Turkey and Iran. In fact, about 70% of the total world production of chickpeas is dominated by India.