The chickpea is quite the noble bean. It’s a tropical or sub-tropical leguminous plant that’s been cultivated for what seems like forever, in countries as widespread as Lebanon, Australia, India, Canada, Spain, and Mexico. Its nutty, buttery flavor is much loved in classic dishes like hummus, chana masala, and chorizo with chickpeas.

A wonderful benefit of chickpeas is that growing them actually makes soil healthier. Chickpea crops put nourishing nitrogen back into land that has been overworked and depleted of nutrients. Farmers often use chickpea crops as a “rotation” crop, cycling a harvest at some point in the year to give their lands some TLC.

So eat more chickpeas, in whatever form – canned, mashed, in a curry, or of course, in The Good Bean – they’re good for your body and they’re good for the earth!